TMAC (Tip Me A Coffee) is the native token of breeze blockchain which is produced as proof of likes mechanism on social media platform, Tip Me A Coffee

TMAC token has pure decentralized economy in which every contributor is rewarded. You can get free TMAC token by sharing on TipMeACoffee dApp, curating (upvoting), airdrop, affiliate, by becoming witness or by being a developer to the breeze ecosystem.

No, absolutely not. This project is purely for its users by its users so no fees are involved.

Rewards are payed in BNB token for staking and farming pools. Soon new pools for cake and BTC rewards will also be added.

Simply refer your friends and family members to tmac.finance. After they stake in any pool, 10% out of their total generated reward goes to you (referral). Your referral link is on affiliate page.

Pool supply means the amount of tokens available for claim through staking on Tmac.Finance. 50% of all the tokens genertaed on breeze chain through proof of likes eco-system are reserved for defi pool.

No, You can enter or exit at anytime

You can withdraw your rewards at anytime.